Forthcoming Events

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7-16AVisual Medicine Workshop  Saturday 1st October 9.30 – 4.30 pm

Come and allow the Universe/Spirit to speak to you through creativity, meditation and sharing. A fun way to create beautiful art work too which requires no artistic skill!

Qautumn6uiet Day   Tuesday 15th November  10 – 3.30

At this busy time of year it is important to give yourself time to ‘be’ and connect to your inner stillness.


Ccandle hearteremony of Light    Thursday 8th December 6.45 Cancelled

A universal service of singing, chants, readings, blessings and candle lighting to welcome the light of Love into the darkness.

The Fall Spiritual Book Sharing Group

Tuesday 15th November  7.30 – 9 pm.

Venue: Brambles, Alltami Road, Buckley CH7 6RT



first Tuesday of the month 7.30 p.m. – all welcome

 Sept. 6th, Oct. 4th, Nov. 1st, Dec. 8th Ceremony of Light (no Tuesday meditation)

singing meditationSinging for the Soul

last Thursday of the month 10.30 – 12 ish

Sept 29th, Oct. 27th, Nov. 24th, Ceremony Light 8th Dec